background and purpose

Our Background

IzzyLou Studios, Inc., an independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization based in Hudson, WI.  ILS has three main offerings: Educational Methodology, Business Managment Consulting, and Professional Development and Training. We create, deliver and orchestrate custom solutions for business and education..  Established in October 2004, under the direction of its executive director, Marie Johnson, IzzyLou Studios, Inc.’s early projects focused on providing technology integration, training and business alignment. These projects are funded through private donations & grants. 


Since 2004, IzzyLou Studios, Inc. has expanded its services to focus on a wide array of education and business consulting efforts, professional development opportunities, and curriculum development projects throughout the United States.

Our Purpose

IzzyLou Studios, Inc. is on a mission to vastly augment learning retention of Americans through the application of cutting edge technologies and learning psychology. While we are primarily focusing on adults in both, the public and private sector, our new methodology is adaptable to all ages, cultural and educational backgrounds. We will deliver the methodology, redesign curriculum using our methodology, deliver education/mentoring, and/or orchestrate an entire educational or mentoring program. 


Our Mission

To Teach ~ To Serve ~ To Inspire ~ To Empower 


Our Service

Our promise to you is, we will deliver services that both inspire and create the vision you have, while making this partnership a positive experiences. 


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