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Adult Learners

Technology Opportunity

The purpose is to raise the American IQ in technology as well as increase the usage of technical services.  Our project is in its infancy. We are partnering with schools, businesses, banks, and law enforcement to create a higher intelligence with technology.


The program will include a certificate and several levels of certification for parents, caregivers, educators, and emergency services. 

Electronics in the home, in the car, in the stores, on the internet, with your bank, and in the schools will be taught. Instructions, labs, lectures and homework will be delivered over donated devices and services, giving adults hands-on experience with the technology available. In addition to this, networking, media center, home theater, alarm/security systems, storage, controlling/managing your household and expenses, and planning your high tech budget. will be taught. Understanding how to make your home, car, work and school work together will be a key component as well as protecting yourself/family (including ICE).


Teaching people and delivering our framework for Visual Documentation is another service we offer that is unique. Our method crosses barriers of language, education and skill sets. Allowing even a novice person to complete complex, senior tasks. This again aligns with our mission: "To Teach, To Serve, To Empower."


Aligning with our mission: "To Teach, To Serve, To Empower", we will aid companies in implementing services, processes and regulatory compliant applications. Along the way teaching them how to maintain the lifecycle we have created for them. We realize that not every company will have the resources or desire to manage their services, so we offer this continued service to those in need.


Staffing Opportunity

Our services are offered entirely by displaced, US Citizens. It would be my greatest achievement to hire 100% American workers (regardless of race, age, or sex) and provide a service back to companies that is not matched by any other outsourcing they have previously encountered. As our economy changes the landscape of business and service in our country, it is my belief, consumers will demand a higher quality service in order to retain that customer. Superior communication and service is what will make or break a company.


In addition to this, there are many people that were forced into retirement or retired and now need to work again. We are building a senior mentor/training program as well. Our R&D over the past 20 years has found on-the-job and one-on-one mentoring/training increases the learning curve and retention by more than 50% than that of a formal classroom and CBT & online education can’t even compare to what can be achieved. We have also found that the ability to learn complex skills, prioritization, and project estimation can only be successfully reproduced, time after time with hands-on mentoring/training. In most cases the senior mentor is available for a donation or voluntary contribution.


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